Gift 01

If finding a gift is hard to do, our wishing well is just for you! A gift of money placed in the well, then make a wish…But do not tell! If it’s however, a gift you find, please be assured we will not mind.

Gift 02

We appreciate your generosity of monetary value in lieu of gifts, for we are about to take a new road starting our life together in Japan.

Gift 03

We appreciate your generosity of monetary value in lieu of gifts, for we are about to take a new road starting our life together…

Gift 04

There is no better gift than the honour of your presence and your fervent prayers. But if you intend to give us gifts, please know that we will be starting our life together abroad. We appreciate gifts we can take with us.

Gift 05

We appreciate your generosity and would prefer the use of the Tree box in lieu of gifts in kind.

Gift 06

Treasure trove is fine, but stash of cash is divine.

Gift 07

The couple will be migrating to the US after their wedding. Gifts that provide greater options and mobility for the couple will be greatly appreciated.

Gift 08

If you’re thinking of giving a present to help us on our way, a gift of cash would really make our day. However, if you prefer to purchase a gift, please make it light to save our flight.

Gift 09

They have dishes and towels for two. They have their pots and pans and oven mitts, too. Their house need repairs and some upgrades new. But you cannot register for carpet and glue… So what can you get for the bride and the groom, whose house is set up in every room? Give them your hopes for a long time together and enveloped gifts they’ll cherish forever.

Gift 10

Although we’d like a bunch of new stuff, starting a new life can be rough. As we take the next step, we’ll be traveling soon. To a far place with limited room. Going to the mall may be fun for you, but rather, we’ll save you the trip and some cash will do!

Gift 11

Thinking of a gift and nothing comes to mind. Your presence is a gift that is one of a kind. The blessings and wishes for our future in store. “Small enveloped gifts” can be placed in a box at the reception door.

Gift 12

With home fixtures we have been blessed. Your presence and prayers are all we request. But if you desire to give nonetheless, a monetary gift is one we request.

Gift 13

Soon you will hear our Wedding Bell, as friends and family wish us well. Our household thoughts are not brand new. We have twice the things we need for two. Since we have our share of dishes and bedding, we’re having instead a Wishing Well Wedding. But more important we ask of you, your prayers of love and blessings, too!


We are sending out this invitation, and hope you will join our celebration. If to send a gift is your intention, in modesty we would like to mention. We’ve lived together for a while, so there’s not much we need. So rather than something we already got, please give us something for our saving pot.

Gift 15

Instead of gifts, the couple would appreciate your help in building their treasure chest.


Soon, we are to be Mr. and Mrs. Our home will be made with love and care. Most things we need we’ve already got, and in our home we can’t fit a lot! A wishing well we thought would be great, (But only if you wish to participate), a gift of money is placed in the well. Then make a wish, but shh… Don’t tell. Once we’ve replaced the old with the new, we can look back and say it was thanks to you! And in return for your kindness, we’re sure, that one day soon, you will get what you wished for. Please don’t be offended at this type of request, our day is complete simply having you as our guest!

Gift 17

With all that we have, we have truly been blessed. So, there is no real need for a shopping fest. But if you desire to give nonetheless, a monetary gift is one we suggest.

Gift 18

As love is what the night is all about , your presence is one we can’t celebrate without, but should you still believe that a gift is worth giving, a small envelope for our future is a delightful blessing