Personal Embossers are Hot

Thanks to everyone who ordered embossers. Since these are made in Canada, we are glad that it did not stop a lot of you from ordering. Its 4-6 weeks shipping. But the good news is that we ship it straight to your doorstep. At the moment, P2499 includes shipping to the Philippines. But anyone interested living outside the Philippines are of course most welcome to order. We just gotta figure out the special rates.

We are trying to make it easy for everyone to order this cool lil’ gadget. I’m an avid fan of having my own personal cards whenever I need it. I do a lot of things last minute. I guess I am used to rushing. One of the things I like is to just whip up a nice card and add some special touches and these raised embossed logos or images of mine are just absolutely fab.

Feel free to submit your own design and we can easily make it into embossers as well. Share your ideas and applications, and we’ll post some of your submissions soon. Thanks much, guys!

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