Holiday Specials


The “Ber” months are here. Are you usually rushing? I’m usually late when it comes to Christmas preparations. But when I do get into it, I put my whole heart in making something special. Christmas is a time of giving and sharing. It’s when everyone becomes a little extra generous.

Christmas is the time we have to stop (from being busy) and actually make up for the times we were “forgetful” of others. Not that we do it on purpose, but with life’s so many demands, most of us can admit to this fact.


So, I finally told myself, I will be early this year.  Inspirational pieces that I think can inspire and uplift spirits. Notebooks, Special Gift Packs are just some of them. Thus, our inspirational line. We need some physical reminder that hey, we’re human, and we need some little uplifting every now and then…getting these little tokens can make anyone feel loved… especially when they see their names printed on these special gifts. It’s not just a random gift picked up at the last minute…enjoy the holidays, Cheers!

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